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Z10050A 3dB Hybrid Coupler Parts Kit

The Z10050A is a 3dB hybrid coupler, to be used to split a signal into two paths (to connect two receivers to one antenna, for example) or to combine two signals into one (two signal generators combined for intermodulation testing, most commonly).

I decided not to make the Z10050A a full kit because it's too labor intensive for me, particularly if bought assembled.

There's still interest in an inexpensive 3-dB hybrid coupler, so I've decided to make the hard to find parts available as a "parts only" kit. These include all the electronic parts needed to make the coupler. The builder is responsible for an enclosure and three connectors of choice.

The kit does not include a printed circuit board because it's simple enough not to need one and in fact the coupler has a bit better port-to-port isolation when built with the parts hanging in air.

Photos of customer builds are at the bottom of this page.

I've written an 8-page "Notes on Building the Z10050A" manual for the parts kit, with illustrations on how to build a coupler with the parts, as well as measurements on a sample coupler. Click here to read the manual. The Z10050A is quite a decent performer, as good as a similar Mini-Circuits coupler in my measurements.

The Z10050A  parts kit is $5.00 for one, $9.00 for two. This price includes first class postage within the USA. DX prices are $6.00 for one, $10.00 for two which includes first class (air) postage.

Payment via PayPal to


Port-to-port isolation of a Z10050A "air built" over the range 300 KHz - 100 MHz. Worst case in the 300KHz-50 MHz range is 36 dB.

The printed circuit board version in an enclosure. This is NOT available.



Typical construction. This example is in a 2"x2"x1" Bud die cast box. The parts are mounted in a combination of air suspension and on two scraps of printed circuit board stock.

This construction arrangement provides slightly better performance than a printed circuit board, as there are fewer stray paths to ground.


Customer Builds

The Z10050A is reasonably forgiving of construction techniques. As with any RF project, shorter leads are preferred to longer leads, but that's about it.

Lou, N2TU provided two photographs of his Z10050A, built into a die cast box.

Bernard M. from France provides the photos below of his build. Bernard has one of the early prototype DC power couplers (Z1202A) from Clifton Laboratories, and he added the Z10050A to the DC coupler enclosure.

Bernard has a nicely done "air construction" coupler.