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AADE L/C IIB Inductance and Capacitance Meter - A Clifton Laboratories Review


In September 2009, Bob, K7HBG, loaned me an AADE L/C IIB inductance and capacitance meter to review. After making a few measurements of standard inductors and capacitors, it was apparent that the meter failed to meet the specified standards.

I returned the L/C IIB to Bob, along with a summary of my findings and he sent the meter to AADE for repair and recalibration. (Bob had one of the first L/C IIB meters, purchased some 15 years ago, and it had not been calibrated since purchase.)

I've now (March, 2010) had a second pass at the L/C IIB meter and have written a detailed review of it, available by clicking here. (This is a 1.5 MB PDF file.)

If you don't care to read the full review, my conclusion is that it is a useful instrument for builders and generally meets its quoted performance standards. It has several limitations and a knowledge of those limits will aid the user in interpreting measurement results. Considering the price (kit is around $100, assembled is $130) it's a good performer.

For more information on the L/C IIB see AADE's site at